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Thanks for stopping by! NJAGP is a podcast that spans the realm of table top gaming with a focus mainly on board and card games. We also go "outside the box' and dive into pop culture topics.


New to NJAGP? We suggest you first listen to Epsiode Zero: The Introduction Highway and then start with our latest podcast episode. Then go back and listen to the others. If you're looking for specifics, you can always visit the "INDEX" or browse through "EPISODES" for a more detailed look.


As always, we are excited about all the new and exciting things happening with Not Just Another Gaming Podcast. Be sure to look around, there's lots going on! We are always adding to every aspect! Thanks to everyone who is a part of our growing community. Your support makes this possible!


This is the episode to start listening to if you've just stumbled upon Not Just Another Gaming Podcast or if you are new to the world of designer boardgames and the table top gaming world.


Introduction: learn about the host of NJAGP and a brief description of what this podcast is all about.

History of Boardgaming: An introduction to those new to the gaming world. We give a quick history of boardgaming in the United States.

A Gamers Dictionary: We run down all the gamer slang and terminolgy you will hear will listening to any gaming podcast or reading reviews.

Game Styles: We tell you the different styles of boardgames there are.

Game Recommendations: We tell some some of our favorites and recomend some games for new gamers.

What's Next: Now that you have the knowledge, you just need the know where to go next for your gaming fun!



 2:13 - QUICK HITS

It's a jam-packed Quick Hits segment that you won't want to miss! Somewhere inside this segment we review a game called Movie Buff and a little movie called Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice! 




 As a big shot executive you need to keep your network stacked with the best shows in Prime Time. A basic goal for any TV show is to "win" its time slot for the network by having the highest ratings, and thus the highest ad revenue. As you add talented actors, producers and writers to the show, you’ll have to decide how to arrange your TV Guide to win over the most viewers. Will you be putting your best shows early in the week? What will you leave for the Friday night death slot? Make your choices wisely so you can become the #1 network.


53:04 - TOP FIVE (or 10) MANIFESTO


We have some fun with this one as we run down our list of our top television theme songs. (Don't worry, there's very little singing.) Want to discuss yours? Join our conversation on Facebook!


Not Just Another Gaming Podcast: At the Table are mini episodes recorded right from the gaming table! Most of these episodes focus on one particular game or game session but we also do movie reviews and other pop culture discussions.


Reviews are episodes where we get the opinions of everyone at the table. 

First Impressions are episodes where we dive into a game for the very first time and give you our thoughts before, mid way, and after playing it.

Actual Play are episodes recorded live during gameplay. These are usually Role Playing Game Sessions.

Movie Reviews are reviews of movies.

Not Just Another Gaming Podcast: No Frills Videos  are videos recorded in one take with no editing and special graphics. Just good old fashioned fun, info, and entertainment! These videos may be box openings, in play reviews, a look at new or upcoming games, interviews, or just awesome gaming moments we want to share! Be sure to subscribe to our You Tube channel to get our or No Frills Videos!

The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence RPG suppliment

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