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This is the episode to start listening to if you've just stumbled upon Not Just Another Gaming Podcast or if you are new to the world of designer boardgames and the table top gaming world.


Introduction: learn about the host of NJAGP and a brief description of what this podcast is all about.

History of Boardgaming: An introduction to those new to the gaming world. We give a quick history of boardgaming in the United States.

A Gamers Dictionary: We run down all the gamer slang and terminolgy you will hear will listening to any gaming podcast or reading reviews.

Game Styles: We tell you the different styles of boardgames there are.

Game Recommendations: We tell some some of our favorites and recomend some games for new gamers.

What's Next: Now that you have the knowledge, you just need the power....to know where to go next for your gaming fun!



Welcome to Episode 51! In This episode we take our annual trip to Double Exposure's DEXCON! We tried something a bit different and recorded segments all throughout the weekend. We open up the episode with an introduction and tell you what all we're looking forward to playing.


3:55 - Istanbul

12:42 - City Hall with Michael Keller (Tasty Minstrel Games)

19:08 - Buffy The Vampire Slayer RPG , Paranoia RPG

25:29 - Secrets of The Lost Tomb with Chris Batarlis (Everything Epic Games)

35:37 - X-wing Miniatures, Deadlands RPG, Battle Merchants

48:45 - Fury of Dracula, Cypher Ops, Dungeon Crawl Classics, DREAD RPG

1:16:24 - Titans of Empyrean with Ivan Turner (9 kingdoms)

1:21:08 - Final Thoughts


Titans of Empyrean is a strategy battle game where each player takes on a squad of mythical flying beasts in dogfight style combat. By maneuvering your titans around a hex shaped board and playing "maneuver" cards, you try to keep your enemy within line of sight and strike at just the right time!


FOR MORE INFORMATION - VISIT https://www.facebook.com/ninekingdoms



The Big & Little Meeple Podcast is hosted by Jim and his 10 year old daughter Avory.  Join them as they review games and explore gaming topics. It's a perfect show for families and short enough to have your children listen in with you. Let's get everyone excited about games!

Boardgames & Stuff is a video series that spans the realm of table top gaming and beyond! Join your host, Jim Reed,  as he delivers episodes every few weeks that will leave you laughing, learning, and loving it. (Wow, that was cheesy.)

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