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Beam yourself into episode 30! Jim goes more into detail on a Magic The Gathering varient, the guys talk about their trip to Barcade, and we talk about a fun dexterity-listening game Mord Im Arosa. Our question of the episode is, "What factors determine our game purchases?" We take a look back at the games we discussed in Episode 1 to 5: Rune Wars, Mansions of Madness, Deadlands: Reloaded, and Conquest of planet Earth. We interview Jeff Cornelius from Cosmic Wombat Games about their new game Stone of Fate. Finally, Matt and Jeff give us primers on Star Trek and Dr. Who.


A Look Back : Games from Episodes 1 to 5

We give an update on what we think of the games we discussed over two years ago. 

Masions of Madness - fantasy Flight

Rune Wars - Fantasy Flight

Deadlands: Reloaded (RPG) - Pennecle Ent.

Conquest of Planet Earth - Flying Frog Productions


Question of the Episode

What factors go into our game purchases?


 Interview: Jeff Cornelius

Cosmic Wombat Games

Jeff tells us all about his companies newest game from designer

 Luke Laurie - STONES OF FATE

Out of The Box

 Star Trek & Dr.Who

If you're like Jim and have NEVER seen any of the episode to these two geek favorites, then this is the place to learn what you're missing! (or not missing) Jeff and Matt tells you all you need to know about these series, where to start, and discuss some of their favorite show moments.


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In This Episode:


We run through a whole bunch of games! All are either new or new to us. We also talk about TweetRPG (tw33tRPG), a choose your own adventure game played on Twitter, A cool Magic The Gathering Varient, and we go outside the box and reminisce about our favorit childhood toys!



We give some thoughts on a expansive list of games including

The Great Heartland Hauling Co. - Dice Hate me Games

Voluspa - White Goblin/ Stronghold Games

Shadowrift - Game Night Productions

Heroclix - Wiz Kids

a Magic The Gathering Varient

Star Wars Miniatures Wave 2 - fantasy Flight

Star Wars LCG - Fantasy Flight

Fantastiqa - Eagle Gryphon Games

Battle of Red Cliffs - Sunrise Tornada

We also talk about Tw33tRPG!



Our favorite childhood toys

From M.U.S.C.L.E. Men to Big Wheels to Stretch Armstrong, we talk about all those toys we wish we still had so we can play with them again! We also give out your responses from Twitter and our BGG guild.


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National Table Top Day and our 2nd annual NY/NJ Game Convention!

We recap our experiences for Table Top Day. Also, our friend Anthony Racano from The Cardboard Jungle Podcast made his way down for an awesome weekend of gaming. We talk about a bunch of new games we played!



Room 25

Some games just come out of nowhere and completely surprise you. This game is one of those. Players struggle to make it out of a futuristic game show of twisting rooms full of danger! It can be played co-op, team, solo, or played co-op with traitors.



Chicken Ceaser

Who ever said politics were for the birds? Well, in this game, that's exactly what's happening! Who will rise to the top of the pecking order? A game of negotiations, treachery, bribery, and death. So a normal day in the chicken coop!


Ivan Turner & Pete Spano - 9 Kingdoms Productions

We talk with Ivan and Pete about their new, upcoming card game ApocalypZe! This is a unique zombie game that's more about surviving in a world after the zombie apocalypse. After the interview, we tell you our thoughts on the game.


Out of the Box

Movie Remakes

We discuss our favorite movie remakes as well as our least favorite ones. We also go through a bunch of ones submitted by listeners from out Forums and Twitter.

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TOTAL CON 27 (continued)

It's our yearly trip to Total Confusion Gaming Convention in Mansfield, MA!

In this second part of a two part episode, we talk about our gaming and non-gaming festivities for our last day at the Convention. We talk about many games such as Zombicide, Touch of Evil, Avalon, Catan TWISTER, Mission Red Planet, and more!



Green Brier Games

With sit down with Jeff and Theresa Gracia, and Julie Hurston to discuss Zpocalypse. They give a game overview, talk about their Kickstarter campaign, and preview the upcoming expansion.


In This Episode:



It's our yearly trip to Total Confusion Gaming Convention in Mansfield, MA!

In this first part of a two part episode, we talk about our gaming and non-gaming festivities for the first three days. Not only do we have THREE game spotlights, but we also talk about games such as Exile Sun, Police Precinct, Mage Tower, Seasons, Yggdrisil, Battle Star Gallactica, and many more!



Andoid Netrunner

Jim finally gets a chance to play this two player Living Card Game from Fantasy Flight Games. This game is ranked #6 on Board Game Geek and has been picked as many peoples favorite game of 2012. Find out where we rate it.



Exodus: Proxima Centauri

Another 2012 release. This is a monster of a space 4x game designed by a fairly new company NSKN Legendary Games. Does this game, which joins a crowd of ever increasing games with the same play style and genre, stand out?


Spartacus: A Game of Blood & Treachery

Once again, we have a 2012 release which is the first developed game from Gale Force Nine. This game is based on the hit show of the same name, but do you need to be familiar with the show to like this one?

In this episode:

It's our TWO year anniversary episode! (But we don't really do anything to celerate it.) Matt went to Disney and played the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom trading card game and he will be telling you all about it. We run through some awesome board game sessions including X-Wing Miniatures, Test of Fire: Bull Run, and more. We also take a look ahead at 2013 and tell you the games, movies, shows, and comics we are most looking forward to. All this, and a bag of chips!




This is an interactive, role-playing adventure game, that is played as you walk through Disney that lets apprentice sorcerers help Merlin keep the Disney Villains from taking over the Magic Kingdom!



We talk about some epic games that we played recently and how awesome they are (or aren't). Dungeon Command from Wizards of the Coast, X-Wing Miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games, Zombicide from Guillotine Games, and Test of Fire: Bull Run from Mayfair games are all on the table.



The three of us run down a slew of games that we're looking forward to coming out in 2013. Atleast 30 games get a mention. But, how excited are we really?



Looking ahead at 2013

Didn't I already say this? NOPE! In this Out of the Box we look ahead at everything outside of the realm of table top gaming that we are looking forward to in 2013 including movies, television, books, comics, conventions, and more!

The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence RPG suppliment

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