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In this episode:


We discuss lots of things we're lookingt forward to in 2012 - Movies, Television, and More!


We also talk about all the games coming out in 2012 that we are most looking forward to.


We spotlight Stronghold Games PANIC STATION.



We announce our CONTEST winner!!! One person will win free admission and swag to Total Confusion 26! Find more info at


In our Quick Hits segment, We talk all about our Total Con plans, and tell you how you can get the all new ,awesome, NJAGP dice!

In this episode:


It's Our 1 Year Anniversary Episode! We celebrate by bringing you an extra jammed packed


Games!Games!Games! We spotlight Stronghold Games Core Worlds.

We take a look at and review Plaid Hat Games - Dungeon Run, North Star Games - Crappy Birthday, Victory Point Games - Zulus On The Rampart, Greater Than Games - Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Firesdie Games - Castle Panic-Wizards Tower expansion.


We continue our CONTEST!!! Win free admission and swag to Total Confusion 26!  We have an all new way to enter so listen and find out how! Find more info at


In our Quick Hits segment, we'll tell you about our trip to Geoff Engelsteins "Post Christmas Game Day", talk Pathfinder comics, and give some initial thoughts on Wizards of the Coast's announcement of a new Dungeons and Dragons system.


All three of us give our top gaming moments from 2011!


And we have a special interview with All Things Fun! owner Ed Evans on how 2011 went for him as a Local Friendly Game Store owner.

In this episode:


It's Christmas Time! So how could we not give our top 5 favorite Christmas movies!


In our Game Spotlight, Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game from FFP. Follow along with us during a play of the game!


We discuss some impressions on plenty of new games including Dungeons and Dragons:The Legend of Drizzt, Castle Panic - The Wizards Tower expansion, Bears!, and Sentinels of the Multiverse!


We have a CONTEST!!! Win free admission and swag to Total Confusion 26! Listen and find out how!Find more info at


Also, Jeff talks about his time spent in Star Wars Galaxies -R.I.P.!


And don't you think that's all!!!!!!

In this episode:


It's a trip back in time as we take a look at what we were playing back in the 80's! Special guest segment from Geoff Engelstein talking about his 80's gaming experiences.


While in the 80's, we go "out of the box" and give our top ten cartoons as well as our guilty pleasure!


Jim gives his first impressions on Star Trek Fleet Captains!


With Thanksgiving this month, we talk about a few games that have "food" themes and Jim's 7 year old daughter joins in for her thoughts on some of these tasty games! 


And finally, a few listener questions and NJAGP news! Don't miss it!

In this episode:


Great Games for Halloween!  We take a look at a slew of Horror / Spooky themed Boardgames as well as Rpgs and Videogames.


Be a great Halloween Party Host! We are experts on this subject! We tell you how to be too!


Game Spotlight: We take a close look at Fantasy Flights new Horror themed game "Elder Sign" and Fireside Games new release "Bloodsuckers"!


"Out of the Box" we give a review of the new horror movie "The Thing" and talk about our favorites in the world of Horror with Movies, Television, Books, and Comics!

The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence RPG suppliment

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